Pillow Cases feat.Shylah Vaughn

Power Up by Continental Cudd x L-Smooth

Hard Copies x Merchandise by L-Smooth x KB x Apeks

Plateau by L-Smooth

Good Life

I view music as a reliable vehicle that helps take us through the road of life. When I drive daily, I create the pieces to the puzzle, pictures and short stories. One would feel as if they were in the same place or time as the event happened. As a Hip Hop artist, I have to make sure I give the listener a chill that moves through the body. When that happens, you know you’ve touched the soul.

I tend to get inspiration and content through life lessons whether positive or negative. Being honest is a strong suit of mine because without truth you have nothing. My sense of humor also plays a role in most of my content to show that I’m not always serious.

At first listen, I would describe my music briefly as a well seasoned entrée with a light refreshing beverage. Yet something about it is different and distinguishes itself from most others. I choose to let my fans determine the difference. I’m currently in a place of extreme growth compared to some records I made in the past simply because the goal is to show progression in music as well as in life.

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