CD Cover Art Reveal and Announcement of Release Date for the New Single, “Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn”

Street City Enterprises releases the CD Cover Art Reveal and announces the official release date of February 10, 2015 via Tunecore for L-Smooth’s newest single, “Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn off of his forthcoming album, “Era of an Emcee.”

Pillow Cases CD Cover

“Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn” cover art has a luxurious look embossed into the design. This smooth design incorporates the Street City Enterprises logo color schemes with a touch of the Oklahoma flag to represent the intense message behind the single that strongly is bringing awareness to L-Smooth’s hometown hip hop scene.

“Pillow Cases” is all about the fans of hip hop music in other parts of the country as well as in my home state of Oklahoma that are not paying attention to the artists or giving the artist a chance by listening to their music. One stereotype is that if you’re from or live in Oklahoma, you can’t rap or make good hip hop records in which I believe is false. I just want to be one of many artist to prove the doubters wrong. So with that being said, hip hop artists in the state of Oklahoma are being “slept on.” Not many like to pay attention to independent artists in general. So if they want to keep sleeping, here’s a new “Pillow Case” for their pillow,” said L-Smooth.

Shazam-IconDuring the Digital Promotions Campaign recently launched by Celestial Caring Enterprises, L-Smooth’s new single,”Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn” is now on Shazam. You may preview the song, purchase the download from Amazon when it becomes available on February 10th, and share with your friends, family & networks on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.

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