Teaser Track Reveal: L-Smooth’s New Single, Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn

Street City Enterprises announces L-Smooth’s forthcoming debut album title, Era of an Emcee set to be released next year. Today, L-Smooth unleashes a sneak peak of his upcoming brand new single, “Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn” as an exclusive gift to his fans during this holiday season before his snippet premiers publicly. L-Smooth’s fans are sure to get a taste of this new smooth era that is fast approaching in the new year.

“I believe when people listen to L-Smooth’s music, it will breath new life into people and it will leave a timeless legacy of music,” said Rodney Dawson, Manager, Street City Enterprises.

The campaign is utilizing the Tweet for a Track by FanBridge promotion to share his new song with his networks on Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are used to spread his message across the world and pave the path to be introduced to new audiences. #TFAT provides a means for L-Smooth to share a snippet of his forthcoming single, “Pillow Cases featuring Shylah Vaughn” to generate interest for his first official album, Era of an Emcee releasing in 2015.

Get @1LSmooth's song Pillow Cases for free in exchange for just one tweet: http://t.co/9PtApASmPY #TFAT

— Tweet For A Track (@TweetForATrack) December 28, 2014

The campaign has its very own hosting site to provide engaging means for L-Smooth to share his music exclusively with his fans while growing his mailing list through fan participation. The campaign links for Twitter and Facebook were uniquely created for tracking purposes. Street City Enterprises will be able to monitor the campaign, not only by the mailing list development, but by the number of Tweets & Shares.

In exchange for receiving the download link to listen to the song teaser, one just has to post a message on Twitter or Facebook and leave an email to have the download link specially delivered to the following address. When others in their network see the posting, they’re curious about the buzzing and will check out his song. This creates a viral music promotion to bring awareness to an intense message delivered by one of Oklahoma’s finest artist, L-Smooth.

This is the launch of L-Smooth’s teaser track reveal:



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